20 March 2017

'Deluded' Post Office boss

Post Office boss Paula Vennells stood accused of “breath-taking delusion” today, after she claimed that her leadership had been a success.

“The Post Office is on the verge of breaking even for the first time in more than a decade, according to its chief executive,” wrote Michael Pooler in yesterday’s Financial Times.

In his interview with the head of the company, Paula Vennells, Pooler quoted her describing this as a “fantastic turnaround” and adding that she now wants to prioritise the subsidising of branches in remote rural and deprived urban communities.

“For me, that’s critical because it’s that social purpose that actually sets the Post Office apart,” says the newly socially aware chief executive, who also told Pooler that she “rejects” the accusation that she is presiding over a programme of managed decline.

In a balanced piece, Pooler also reminds the reader of the downside to Ms Vennells’s reign, listing the branch closures and job cuts that she has enacted, as well as giving some comment space to CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey.

Not surprisingly, he gets straight to the point, arguing: “The Post Office should be spending more time actively seeking to get new services, products and customers, rather than slashing jobs and doing away with services and closing branches.”

Speaking this morning, Andy said: “Judging by her claims of success, Paula Vennells’s seems to be breathtakingly deluded – how on earth can she put any kind of positive spin on the destruction of our nation’s Crown network.

“This company needs leadership that will get back to common sense and work together to make build a People’s Post Office that truly works for everyone.”

Michael Pooler’s article can be read in full here: https://www.ft.com/content/a7631946-0b33-11e7-97d1-5e720a26771b

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