09 March 2017

Pay impasse at Gather & Gather

A formal protest has been lodged with Gather & Gather at the outright refusal of the catering company to award any salary increases whatsoever to anyone who gets paid more than the national minimum wage.

While the firm is legally obliged to increase the pay of the vast majority of its staff in Capita canteens in line with April’s 30p per hour (4.16 per cent) uplift in the national living wage, it has rejected the union’s arguments that no-one should have to forgo a pay rise at all.

The CWU has expressed its dismay that the company’s stance effective puts anyone paid above the new minimum wage rate of £7.50 on marked time pay - pointing out that the move contravenes the spirit of the recognition agreement covering the Preston Brook, Glasgow, Leeds and Bury canteens to which the union’s bargaining unit extends.

Assistant secretary Brendan O’Brien said: “We believe that everyone should receive a pay increase to help insulate them against the rising cost of living - and our recognition agreement with Gather & Gather also stipulates that the contractual pay review date is January 1, not April 1.

“We’ve therefore asked the company to reconsider its decision - pointing out that the small number of individuals involved mean paying an increase to those who sit marginally above the minimum wage would not be costly.”

At the time of writing the CWU was awaiting Gather & Gather’s response.


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