09 March 2017

Cost of living pay claim lodged at BTFS

Pay talks are about to commence with BT Facilities Services (BTFS), with the union strongly arguing the case for a rise that insulates them from the rising cost of living.

The wholly owned BT subsidiary - at which recognition was secured in January 2015 - covers a wide range of previously outsourced facilities management (FM) services, and its 1,000-plus employees include cleaners, security guards, engineers, ground maintenance staff and housekeepers.

Apart from seeking to inflation-proof BTFS members with a fully consolidated across-the-board rise in line with RPI, the CWU wants the 2017 pay negotiations to start to address the total absence of a pay progression mechanism.

Assistant secretary Sally Bridge explains: “Most of our members in BTFS have been TUPE’d in from a variety of companies including Monteray, Carillion, G4S and MITIE, but what they all have in common is that none of them are subject to any pay progression arrangements whatsoever.

“The CWU believes a mechanism urgently needs to be set up that enables colleagues to progress in a timely fashion through their respective pay bands from the minimum to the maximum rate.”

While pay progression mechanisms vary from company to company, Sally insists the total lack of one in BTFS is indefensible.

“When no formal pay progression mechanism is in place individuals all too easily find themselves trapped at the lower end of the pay band with no ability to progress towards the top.

“We’re open to ideas as to how this can be addressed at BTFS - but do want this issue to be progressed as a matter of priority.

Explaining the rationale behind the RPI-based pay claim, Sally concluded: “Our members in BTFS richly deserve a recent pay rise, not just because of the contribution they’ve made over the past year but also in recognition of the flexibility they’ve shown with regards to various changes, including the introduction of the EE contract which has had a big impact on BTFS’s workload and work-spread.

“We also need to ensure that pay rates are competitive and attract the right people.”



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