07 March 2017

March 8th. International Women’s Day. #BeBoldForChange.

"On Wednesday March 8th women worldwide will participate in events to mark International Women's Day. This global movement celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women throughout history. The theme for 2017 is #BeBoldForChange which focuses on inspiring change and achieving a more inclusive gender equal world.

The CWU works hard to eradicate inequality, is pro active in supporting anti-domestic violence initiatives and promoting a healthy work/life balance.

We are proud to celebrate International Women's Day which is also a period for reflection as internationally and domestically there are still major issues facing women. Tens of thousands are victims of sexual and domestic violence, sex trafficking, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), and oppression on religious and political grounds.

As a trade union we have a duty to protect and empower women. We will lobby internationally to ensure that a strong message of solidarity and support goes out to women around the world demonstrating that we care, and that we will lobby and campaign to expose abuses and promote their interests and well being,

Please participate in events on the day. You are also invited to join members of the Women’s Advisory Committee in London on Tuesday March 21st for a day of celebration of women’s achievements. This includes a guided ‘Suffragettes Walk’ and guest speakers." - Linda Roy, National Equality Officer

Details available from the Equal Opportunities Department please contact lroy@cwu.org







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