26 June 2017

Swiss Post pay up

Higher-paid members in Swiss Post, who did not benefit from last November’s 2.4 per cent uplift in the Real Living Wage, have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a 2.2 per cent pay increase.

The CWU-negotiated pay deal, which applies to 63 of the 200 employees on Santander’s Swiss Post contract - most of whom were TUPE’d over from Geoban in 2013 and all of whom work in Bootle, Carlton Park or Bradford - will be paid in July’s pay packets, backdated to April 1.

Commenting on the deal, assistant secretary John East told The Voice: “The negotiating team had to work hard to get this offer, as all other Swiss Post Solutions staff outside of Santander, where in the main there is no union representation, are receiving just 1.25 per cent.

“Our position throughout protracted talks was that the least we could accept was an offer that matched that paid to Geoban employees this year, and that is what we’ve achieved.”

Over and above the headline pay rise, those previously employed by Geoban at Bootle and Carlton Park have a contractual entitlement to a non-consolidated bonus - and those individuals will receive  an additional flat rate payment of £901 (pro-rata for part-time employees), also to be paid in July salaries. 

John concludes: “The CWU was unable to persuade the company to offer any further rise from April 1 to those whose pay is directly linked to the Living Wage rate of £8.45 per hour  - but Swiss Post has committed to make any increase necessary should the Living Wage increase on November 1.”


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