07 June 2017

Voting opens – on BTFS workers’ pay rise

BT facilities workers will be going to the polls twice, with this week’s general election followed by another important vote on a new pay deal negotiated by the CWU.

The agreement, which covers around 1,700 employees working in BTFS, provides guaranteed basic rate increases across the board, with additional raises to bring lower-paid staff up to the Living Wage and for higher graded employees a small element of performance related pay.

Annual leave entitlement rises to 22 days for all BTFS staff, while those already on 22 days will receive a £100 lump-sum cash payout.

Assistant secretary Sally Bridge, who led the talks on behalf of the union, says: “It’s been a tough round of talks this year and we realise that there are a number of elements involved. We’re recommending a ‘Yes’ vote in the ballot.

“The important thing about this agreement is that there is something for everyone, right across all the grades and the different functions of BTFS.”

BTFS had been a separate company from BT, but was brought back  in house as a subsidiary over four years ago following sustained representations by the union urging the business to re-integrate its facilities service provider.

And since 2014 when the union secured recognition, the CWU has been working with the company on the myriad of terms and conditions that they inherited.

Sally explains: “This year’s pay and conditions agreement is the best that can be achieved through negotiation, and is the result of lengthy and, at times, difficult talks with the business.

“There are concrete improvements on pay and on annual leave, while there is also a firm commitment from the company to serious talks on how we can improve our pay structure, pay progression, and the pay enhancements matrix.

“For all these reasons, we are strongly recommending a ‘Yes’ vote in the ballot.”

  • The ballot, which is being conducted electronically, opened this week and closes on June 15

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