25 April 2017

Conference sends out strike ballot warning

Any attempt by Royal Mail to impose its proposed cuts to pensions, allowances, and other terms and conditions will "activate an immediate ballot for strike action," according to a resolution unanimously approved by conference this afternoon.
After a lively discussion, with contributions from dozens of speakers representing members right across the country, delegates enthusiastically voted for a robust motion which re-affirmed our commitment to the Four Pillars of Security and set a timetable for agreement to be reached.
Last month, the CWU formally submitted the Four Pillars plan, for a fair pensions solution for all, an extension of our legally binding agreements, a 35-hour working week with no loss of pay, and a redesigned operational pipeline for growth and stability.
The company responded with a list of proposals, including an end to the defined benefit pensions scheme, removal of RRIS, TPM, reserved rights, and legacy payments.
Royal Mail also signalled its intention to attack long-standing MTSF job protections, hit new recruits' terms and conditions reduce sick pay, impose monthly pay on weekly paid workers, and remove area reps from the IR framework.
Conference this afternoon collectively voted to condemn the company's response and authorised the postal executive to "consider all means up to and not excluding a national industrial action ballot" in the event that the business "fails to reach an agreement with the CWU or positively respond to the union's Four Pillars of Securityagenda by August 2017."
And the next paragraph of the motion warns: "...should Royal Mail attempt to introduce any of their policies which they have proposed within the negotiations by executive action, the CWU executive is instructed to activate an immediate ballot of CWU members for strike action."
In his speech to conference, Terry Pullinger pledged to do everything possible to reach agreement on the Four Pillars through negotiation, but that this was a choice that the company needed to make.
"We will seek every possible angle to reach agreement with Royal Mail, but if they bring it on, we've got to have it," he explained

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