03 April 2017

Tesco Mobile pay up as staff speak out

Compelling feedback from Capita/Tesco Mobile members over the importance of their 2017 pay rise keeping pace with rising prices has been credited with helping to secure an revised offer from Capita which has just been accepted by members.

Negotiations appeared to have stalled following the CWU’s rejection of a 1.25 per cent pro-rata offer - but following the presentation to management of feedback from members collected by CWU reps at the Bury and Preston Brook sites, the company tabled an improved offer.

The new deal - which secured 87 per cent backing from those who voted in a consultative ballot that closed today (Monday) - equates to 2 per cent for the nine-month period in question as a result of the pay date being moved forward from April to January 1.

The deal will now be backdated to January 1 - even though last year’s pay deal technically only expires in April. Going forward, the new pay review date will be January 1, in line with Capita Group practice.

Thanking members for their compelling arguments as to why they believed Capita should improve on its initial offer, assistant secretary Brendan O’Brien said: “It was great feedback that clearly made an impression on the company’s negotiators, and I’m convinced it was a factor in Capita’s decision to come back to the table with a revised offer.

“Apart from powerful contributions about the rising cost of living, members in Bury were clearly not impressed by the company’s earlier argument that the earlier pay offer reflected improvements that have been made to facilities at the site.

“The prevailing view was that, while the improved facilities and quality of the working environment are indeed, welcome, what on earth did that have to do with pay?”

Brendan concludes: “In an increasingly tough negotiating environment it’s hugely helpful when members speak out like this - demonstrating not just that they care passionately about pay but that they stand firmly behind their union negotiators.

“The end result is a pay deal which is only slightly shy of the relevant RPI figure of 2.2 per cent that was published in December,  and substantially better than the then CPI inflation rate of 1.2 per cent on which the company’s initial offer was clearly based.”

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