Royal Mail vehicles - safety always first

16 February 2017

According to official Royal Mail stats, there were 112 handbrake-related vehicle ‘rollaway’ incidents over the last 12 months, and a total of 533 since 2013

Telefonica members urged to accept 2.25%

16 February 2017

Arrangements are being made for a consultative ballot of members in Telefonica, with the CWU strongly recommending acceptance of the company’s ‘final’ offer of 2.25%.

Re-launching our campaign in the Post Office

13 February 2017

‎Branch secretaries and reps in the Post Office gathered at a national briefing today in Central London on a discussion on the future of the Post Office dispute. The day was marked as a relaunch in the CWU's campaign against job losses, pay and pension changes, Crown closures and the threat to the future and very existence of the Post Office.

Enthusiastic BTFS reps plan future strategy

08 February 2017

CWU reps in BT Facilities Services (BTFS) gathered at CWU headquarters this week as part of a training event to discuss various national issues and a number of key challenges that lay ahead in 2017. The three day event involved all of the BTFS National Team members and Consultative Committee Representatives and the 2017 Pay review and the introduction of performance related pay were also discussed.

Bank pays up!

31 January 2017

Members at Santander and the bank’s Geoban subsidiary are poised to receive the second tranche of the respective three-year pay deals that were negotiated on their behalf by the CWU last year.

BT Third Quarter Results

27 January 2017

BT’s results for quarter three issued today, show BT are in line with market expectations. Although pre-tax profits are down to £526m for the quarter; for the year they are a healthy £1.9bn. Revenue has grown to £6.1bn and for the whole year is up 33%. And although cash flow has taken a dive this quarter, it remains strong at £369m. Consumer-facing businesses and acquisition of EE continue to profit and the business has achieved record fibre broadband connections.

1971 Postal Dispute - Watch our video here

26 January 2017

CWU Retired Members reflect on the lead up, the duration and the impact of the 1971 Postal Dispute

General Secretary Dave Ward calls for fundamental change in the union and beyond to address growing world challenges

25 January 2017

General Secretary Dave Ward told members at the retired members conference in Manchester to prepare for “fundamental change” in the way in which the union addresses the challenges of a world where the odds are increasingly stacked against workers.

General Secretary urges youth to seize the opportunity to bring about fundamental change in society

25 January 2017

General Secretary Dave Ward called on youth members to embrace an agenda of fundamental change in order to ensure the futures of their children and children’s children.

Union makes inroads across BT Wholesale & Ventures

24 January 2017

The CWU is pressing hard to strengthen membership across the relatively new BT Wholesale & Ventures line of business, to grow the union where new jobs are created and negotiate better conditions and permanent jobs for existing agency workers.

Terry Pullinger highlights the major challenges facing the Union in 2017

17 January 2017

An important message for CWU members and activists from Terry Pullinger, DGS(P) highlighting the major challenges facing the Union in 2017 and how we intend to address them with the employer.

Good reasons for new years cheer at Airwave

13 January 2017

2017 has got off to a flying start for members at Airwave, with staff digesting the full scale and scope of a comprehensive set of protections secured by the CWU during the course of complex negotiations over a the harmonisation of contracts.

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