Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Conference

LGBTi issues are a huge priority for the trade union movement and the CWU has a proud record of promoting LGBT rights. Yet despite undoubted progress that has been made on LGBTi issues in the UK, we all know that members of the LGBTi community still face persecution.

In particular our movement needs to stand up for the rights of trans people at the current time. The statistics linked to depression and suicide for this group of people is something that shocks me deeply and should motivate us all to drive forward our campaigning for respect and equality for all.

This said, I am encouraged to see more CWU members feeling safe enough to come out as trans. We have to make sure these people receive as much support as possible in the workplace and are fully accepted in our union - and where there are issues in CWU workplaces, we need to make sure we address them whenever they arise.
The Union is proud to promote LGBTi rights. We are a trade union proud to associate with the rainbow and we will be doing more on Proportionality linked to LGBTi over the next year.

At this conference I want to hear your views on this part of our work.

- Dave Ward

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Conference Agenda 2016



Mercure Leicester The Grand Hotel
Granby Street

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