LTB192 Royal Mail Group - OH Assist Occupational Health Service (OHCSS) Complaints Process

No. 192/2016

24th March 2016

Our Ref:  EX1/16

Royal Mail Group - OH Assist Occupational Health Service (OHCSS) Complaints Process:

To:  All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

During the recent national joint Occupational Health workshop events for CWU and Unite/CMA Area Health and Safety Reps organised by the RMG Head of Health and the CWU Health, Safety and Environment Department, a number of ASRs raised issues in relation to OH Assist positively welcoming feedback regarding its service provision issues and complaints. The Head of Health reported that very few complaints are officially recorded about the services and support provided and that complaints and feedback, using the correct process, would in fact be welcomed in order for Royal Mail and OHS Assist to investigate complaints and take appropriate remedial action. We therefore requested that the process be set out in order that we can communicate this to our branches and various forums/committees.

Below are the details of the official complaints process as set out by Nicholas Burns Royal Mail Group Safety, Health and Environment Engagement Manager;
OH Assist Occupational Health Service (OHCSS) Complaints Process:

OH Assist positively welcomes feedback regarding its service; this facilitates continual improvement to meet the needs of Royal Mail.

Managers should flag any concerns at the earliest opportunity via the escalation process so that any issues can be rectified as quickly as possible. It is acknowledged, however, that in some circumstances, where it has not been possible to resolve issues immediately with the OH Service Centre or the individual Practitioner, it may be necessary to submit a formal complaint.

Who can complain?

Any user of OH services can use the formal complaints procedure including HR, the individual member of staff who has been referred to OH Assist, the Line Manager or a CWU Representative.  Please note the CWU representative MUST have the member’s consent to make a complaint on their behalf.

How to make a complaint?

OH Assist is keen to ensure that accessing the complaints process is as simple as possible. A complaint can be submitted by:

• Calling the OH Service Centre on 0845 612 4123, a member of the team will log your complaint.
• Emailing the complaints team on (an outline of your complaint and full contact details should be provided, or
• Writing to the Quality Team, OH Assist, Unit 2 Hayland Street, Meadowcourt, Sheffield, S9 1BY
What does OH Assist do with the complaint?

When OH Assist receives the complaint a thorough investigation will be initiated based on the issues raised. The investigation will be robust, comprehensive and evidence based involving the Regional, Clinical and Operational Managers as necessary. 

Each complaint will be logged on receipt within a central complaints database.

The timescales for responses are as follows:

• An acknowledgement sent to the complainant within 1 working day of receipt;
• A full reply will be provided within 10 working days. Where this is not possible, i.e. where a detailed investigation is required, or complex issues are raised, an interim response will be sent to the complainant within 10 working days of receipt and a full reply within 15 working days.

Review of complaints

Complaints received are reviewed by the OH Assist management team on a monthly basis. It is essential not only to resolve individual complaints but to ensure that any trends, patterns and root causes of complaints are identified and rectified. This allows OH Assist to improve service delivery.

Yours sincerely
Dave Joyce         Carl Maden
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer  A/Assistant Secretary PTCS Dept.