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UNIONLINEThe CWU and GMB have joined forces to create the only law firm owned by Trade Unions. Serving almost one million members and their families.

UNIONLINE allows us total control over our member's claims. This means putting our focus on a reliable one-stop-shop legal service for our members.

 facebook widgitIf you want to register a claim or seek free legal advice call 0300 333 0303 or visit our website

With UNIONLINE, we aim to provide the very best free legal advice and representation for members, and their families who will receive 100% of their compensation awards with no deductions. That's a service you will never get on the High Street or by responding to an advert, a real benefit of union membership.

This is your law firm working for you.

So let's take a closer look at what Union Line can offer you.

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For free legal advice call: 0300 333 0303 or visit our website

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