Membership Forms

We are currently working on an online application process, but if you want to join immediately, telephone 0800 731 7434 and a CWU employee will take down all the details required to issue membership.

If you prefer to fill in the form yourself, click on the appropriate link to download a form from the following page. *

All forms should be returned either via email to: 

or posted (no stamp required) to: 

Postal members: 
CWU Postal Department 
150 The Broadway 
London, SW19 1RX

Telecoms and Financial Services members: 
Freepost plus RTAT- ARRK- ARUK 
T&FS Organising 
Communication Workers Union 
150 The Broadway 
London, SW19 1RX

If you would just like more information at the moment about joining a union, please click here or call 0800 731 7434.

*My home address will be my ballot address and I understand it is my responsibility to inform the union if this changes.

Want to Join Us?

For application forms and information on how to become a member of the CWU.