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Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA) is the union's national charity. It is supported by Royal Mail and BT as well as thousands of volunteers and donors who take part in a wide range of fundraising efforts to help vulnerable children in the UK, Ireland, Eastern Europe and beyond in war torn countries, orphanages or other places of need.

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How did it all begin?

CWUHA was set up in 1995 in response to an appeal from trade unionists living in war torn Bosnia and the first convoy arrived in Tuzla in July 1995. The determination to deliver aid direct to those who needed it most, cutting out the risk of it falling into the hands of self-interested middlemen, set the agenda for every CWUHA convoy that was to follow.

What makes us so special?

Of course, there are other charities which collect medical equipment, food, clothing, toys, and other forms of aid for needy children. What makes CWUHA unique, however, is our cardinal principle - our volunteers actually deliver the aid to the places where it is needed most. This way, donors can be confident that their generosity will be translated into aid at the point of need.

We pay no wages or honoraria. The CWUHA office is run at virtually no cost because thanks to CWU and BT we pay no rent and no phone/email bills. All this keeps our office admin costs below 5 per cent.

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What we do

With the support of CWU, BT and Royal Mail (Royal Mail and BT loan us vehicles and supply fuel) CWUHA developed new aid routes to Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Transnistria and Albania. CWUHA has delivered thousands of tonnes of aid to hundreds of orphanages, hospitals, schools and direct to vulnerable families.

Over the last few years CWUHA has sought new supporters including Irish companies AnPost, Eircom and Communication Workers Union (Ireland), as well as legal and financial companies Simpson Millar, MPH, UIA and Walker Smith Way. Their involvement guarantees that we can continue in our work to help needy children.

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Not just convoys

In addition to convoys CWUHA has funded renovations including foster and adoption centres, a playground area at hospital that cares for children with disabilities, and a centre for street children in Moldova. All these projects will help keep children off the streets and away from harm.

We have funded school projects in Tanzania, East Africa. CWUHA donated thousands of pounds towards the Tsunami and Haiti Appeals and to the families affected by earthquakes in India and Pakistan we also delivered via a third party tons of clothing to street children in Mongolia.

Though the majority of our work is focused on other countries CWUHA has raised and donated thousands of pounds to many good causes in the UK, including hospices, a holiday home for children with life threatening illnesses. CWUHA has also helped fund specialised operations and equipment for children in the UK.

Please support us

With your support CWUHA can continue in its efforts "to deliver a smile to needy children".

Please donate to the charity, follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook.

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