Asbestos Records in BT

Employers have a duty under the Asbestos Regulations to keep and maintain details of those who may have been exposed to Asbestos during their working life.

Some members when checking on their historic records held by BT in their personal files have been told that they have no records of previously recorded exposures. Whilst we are suspicious of the motives behind these statements, there are still a number of things that can be done.

Many branches may have their own archive files, which can often be useful in confirming the original records and often BT then seemed to have found the previously "lost" records.

If you wish to confirm your own records are still held by BT, or register a new exposure, in the first instance call Safety Services on 0800 780 783.

Whilst some more recent information is on their database, they may have to check your personal file, which usually takes a week or two. If they then tell you they have no record, contact your branch for checking any archive files they may have.

Most of the information contained in the personal files came from Building Registers during the 1970 & 1980s in particular. In more recent years, BT say that details of any Asbestos in their buildings should be recorded on the Asbestos Information System (AIS) which can be checked by calling the Building Facilities Customer Centre (BFCC) on 0800 223 388.

You are strongly advised to copy and keep in a safe place any evidence obtained. Even if no-one has evidence on file, this should not stop you re-registering and they should send you a form for this purpose, whether you still work for them or not, by calling 0800 780 783.

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