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Trade Union Bill protests gathering steam…

With the clock ticking towards the CWU’s big day of action against the Trade Union Bill tomorrow (Thursday), members and activists in York and Bootle have delivered the first show of defiance that will be delivered to the Government in just 24 hours time. Read more....

Marathon challenge to lung cancer

What makes a 51-year-old with an arthritic knee want to run the London Marathon? A good question indeed - and one which Greater London Combined (GLC) branch assistant secretary Jeff Till has been asking himself almost daily when, come rain or shine, he sets off on his crack-of-dawn training session in preparation for the daunting 26-mile challenge he’ll face on April 24. Read more.....

South Londoners Defend their Crown Office

Residents, local politicians and the parish vicar gathered at a south London Crown Office this morning to call for a rethink over plans to franchise the office to a private retailer. Waving their own homemade banner outside Walworth Road Post Office, the protesters chanted: “Save Our Post Office,” while passers-by stopped to voice their support – some joining the demonstration – and motorists tooted their horns as they drove by.

Anti-Union laws are unfair, unjust and will be unworkable

****Video**** "This Bill is more far reaching in it's impact on workers' rights, Trade Unions and our ability to defend workers. their jobs, their terms and conditions than anything Thatcher ever brought in." Dave Ward - CWU General Secretary speaking abut the Trade Union Click to watch video

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