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Legal Services

CWU Legal Services working to protect you and your family.

Introduction to the department and services
CWU provides a range of legal services and benefits that are available to all members via the Legal Services Department in partnership with our Approved Panel Solicitors.

We specialise in providing advice and representation in personal injury compensation claims and employment tribunal applications. Members can use the services confident in the knowledge that we have the necessary expertise to ensure the best possible result when processing such claims. This is a totally free service.

Members who require any of our services should contact their local branch representative in the first instance who will be able to assist them with their initial enquiry.

We are continually looking at ways to improve and expand the range of services we provide which makes being a member of the CWU so beneficial and worthwhile.

Tony Rupa
Head of Legal Services

The general legal services booklet is currently being updated and a revised copy will be available to download shortly.

The following should be borne in mind when making enquiries concerning employment law:

a) Only members can apply for assistance
b) All enquiries should be routed through the member's branch
c) Any member who does not wish to contact their branch must put their enquiry in writing by post, not e-mail.

Personal Injury Claims
Section includes:
How to make a claim, Types of claims covered under the Scheme, Employers Liability,
Public Liability, Road Traffic, Dog Attacks, Clinical Negligence, Industrial Disease, Fatal Accidents, Time limits for claims, Basis of claim Deduction from damages.

- Personal Accident Benefit Scheme
- Bandit Attack Scheme
- Criminal Injuries Scheme
- Ill Health Retirement Appeals
- Drivers' Protection Scheme
- CWU Road Traffic Accident Helpline
- CWU Legal Helpline
- CWU Accident helpline
- Criminal Defence Scheme
- Employment Department Assistance

Other Benefits
Free wills
Discounted Conveyancing
Investment advice

- CWU Approved Panel Solicitors