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The CWU has an excellent track record of campaigning for and on behalf of our members and the wider trade union movement both industrially and politically.

Please click on the images below to find out more about our current campaigning activity or look back at past campaigns by visiting previous campaigns.

  • A negotiators' agreement on pay, pensions and workplace issues reached between CWU and Royal Mail
  • Fighting for fair pay, job security & protecting the people's Post Office
  • Campaigning to expose and close loopholes used to deny agency workers equal employment rights.
  • Campaign to strengthen dangerous dogs laws and raise awareness about responsible dog ownership.
  • Focusing on the future of Crown Offices, Post Bank, Postmasters, the 'locals' model and mutualisation.
  • Urging Royal Mail members to use canteen facilities to save these on-site services and jobs.
  • Campaigning against plans to increase the state pension age.
  • Calling for universal access to a superfast broadband network.
  • A campaign against the Government's continuous attacks on workers' rights.
  • A look back at all past campaigns.
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